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Why Franchises?

Franchises most often use broker networks to assist in bringing interested prospects into the brand to continue investment & expansion.
This drastically limits reach & influence and is terribly slow.
Franchise brands lack significant presence on social platforms or a voice behind them.We are here to change that.The franchise world is EXPLODING as people turn to business ownership in concepts that are proven to work - - with a payout of $100M+ in broker commissions last year alone.


Franchises are a bit different than the typical Ecommerce product you receive a 10% commission for.A bottle of lotion or a tool set has a quick transaction cycle.Franchises have a 2-5 month buying cycle (sometimes more) but the average payout is around $10,00-$30,000.How many energy drinks would it take to equate to that?

FTC & Transparency

Unlike in years past; now, advertisers & Influencers have to be honest and not make unsubstantiated claims. With recent FTC regulations on influencer messaging this is the PERFECT time to talk about franchises! Never been a better time.All franchise brands have a document called a "FDD" or Franchise Disclosure Document. It's federally mandated & discloses every tiny nook & cranny of a brand to a prospect.Franchise law requires total transparency.So you can trust that any follower interested in learning more about a franchise opportunity you talk about will know exactly what they're buying 14 full days before signing/paying anything.Its required by law!



Depending on your niche, following & style we'll pair you up with a brand that we think is a good fit.During this intro you'll get to know the brand, possibly experience it, their product or service.We'll show you key points in their FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) that matter to prospects get you hyped on the brand.

Creative Brief

A Brand Creative Brief is built to outline posting guidelines.Collaboration requirements.
Brand information.
Talking points.
So that you can talk about the brand in your own effective way.
Part of every brief is the brand's story.There's also testimonials, success stories, examples and how the brand is changing lives.

Initial Training

All new affiliates will receive training from us before getting started!

Tracking + Tools

No matter what platform we have the right tools.Affiliate links of all kinds.

  • Direct Links

  • Text Link Banners

  • HTML Banners

  • Flash Banner

  • Text Link Banners

  • PDF Links

  • Image Banners

  • Smart Links

  • Content Marketing

High Performance Sales Ops

Simple and Easy

Before onboarding new brands we ensure top quality sales systems are in place to nurture the prospects that entered your pipeline.
We are experts in Sales Operations and we help create or refine franchisor processes to make sure no leads fall through the cracks.
We also perform random sales audits regularly to ensure that systems are efficient and working properly.Simply encourage your followers to request more information from any Franbassador™ brand you're paired with & once the prospect's information is collected they'll receive a PDF Franchise Guide in return.That's it!The sales systems take over and tracking begins.


Home Service Brands

Window cleaning, Plumbing, Restoration, Drain Cleaning, Moving, Irrigation, Insulation, Decoration, Venue Staging & more...

Home service brands are a HUGE industry and were the number 1 sought after concept in 2020 & 2021.

  • Low overhead

  • High Margins

  • Home office

  • Low Investment

  • Pandemic resistant

Semi Absentee

These brands require low investment and are strong revenue generators.

  • Kiosks

  • Sunglasses

  • Carwashes

  • Tanning

  • Salons

  • Vending


  • Food Trucks

  • Restaurants

  • Kitchens

  • Gyms

These brands are often well known are change the trajectory of investing families forever.

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